The Hurting Goodbye(Newton)


The time we were together was like a glass of water. Very risky to leave it on the table. Our baby would push it on the corner and fall the glass, which causes two losses the water, and the glass.

The water used to quench my thirst as I held the glass with curves. Its beauty was mesmerizing me as I drunk water from my cup. The love was beautifully unbearable.

I mean, I loved and cared for you not up to the day you said goodbye, but up to now. The goodbye made me cry, the one that was never good at all, all that it brings was just frustration and torture in my life.

The way you left, the way you dumbed us, our son, and I was something I had never imagined would happen. I tried to beg you, for God’s sake! If it’s the bed, I would have cleaned it.

If it is my job that you hated, I would have left it for a better one. The one that would have made you proud. If it is the way I behaved in front of your friends, I would have changed it.

All I did was kneel in front of you, but all you gave was a goodbye kiss. I saw you leave as you slammed our house door. Leaving an echo of frustration hit us.

Our son was looking at you as you bid the unexpected goodbye.

I hate the goodbye in you! I hate the fact that depression was an excuse for your goodbye!

The good names you used to call me are now memories, the warmth of your body has now turned to the cold of my blanket. I never meant to frustrate you, but your choice was the best. Goodbye.

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