The Hungry Child (Borner Bes)

A hungry child dies every day
Someone’s mother has cried today
For the world’s hunger has taken away her everything
It hurts to see that hunger take innocent children away from this world.
In a few years of living in this condition; big dreams will disband,
As there is no one to take care of them


Many people experience poverty.
Many people are suffering,
Craving to the one thing they do not have,
But still fighting for life,
Children play with an empty stomach,
Others beg for food to fill their guts,
The crowd over food like vultures on a corpse,


Children are growing up in poverty,
Their tears have washed away their dreams
Courage falls, and hope decays,
And their fair ambition dies
Their tussle and struggles make them ruthless and crass.
Surviving in the depth of despair
There is only one hope in their eyes
Your mercy is what they seek

This is Borner Bes Poem. Click on the provided name below to view the other Notable’s content.
Vincent254’s Poem


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