The First Myth; What If (Derrick)

I really don’t know whether to start with “what if or imagine”. Perhaps, ” what if” is way better What if lying and lies never existed. What if GOD had created man and never gave him an option by the name cheat.A choice that goes by the name lie. I bet humanity and the universe at large would be thriving its best.Allow me to bring you home. Here in Kenya. Corruption would be a myth or maybe something unheard of since no one’s heart would be filled with deceit and malice.

No Kenyan would die of hunger because the leaders would not have the audacity to steal and lie about food aid.Indeed if lies, deceit, and malice never existed our country and the world would be a better place. Now, your turn, what if lies never existed?

Here is Sincere’s Article, Kelvin’s Art

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