The Fate of a Bystander (Lucky)


When fate closes my doors
and my bartered self slowly starts to eat itself
I cannot feel the pinch
for I know a window that is always open
openings I can escape through,
Here I found a love profound;
A true love that is see-through,
Love that stacked on shelves;
with walls warm and hearts that woven,
out of a desire to clasp me when I feel cold
every time I cry, I hear claps which tell me to stay bold
growing through a revolution, facing the phases,
listening to correction, feeling the connection,
loving my reflection on the mirror, where I burry my barriers,
and give my closed doors closure,


When the road of life grows potholes,
potholes that are deep enough to bury me
which might scare her enough not to marry me
I know a place there inside where there is gold insight
that will be big enough for her to see stars
The heat of life cook up the soles of my feet
Or even break my legs
but in this place, I always feel safe
My feelings are like eggs
They might break apart from their shells one day
Or hatch, together, into tiny demons
but where I go, we do not need roads
I smile at my problems, for I know,
I will not walk miles to see home
I only need hope to crawl to the back of my mind
where my spine is rooted,
where the problems of my forehead start
I have a forehead, and when my fears see me
It ends there.


Sited in the train of love
with a string of wishes,
often lying on rails,
where I spend my days treading upon,
my hope hanging on a rope that might choke me one day,
or a lover, who might shock me one day
with a heartbroken like my uncle’s car,
one day it might stay wide-open and kick-start

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