The Depressed Writer (Swinnertone)

I’m at that point in life where,
Moving forward is perilous,
Moving backwards is suicidal
and standing still is cowardice.
The race was never mine to compete,
I see it best to withdraw,
Jus maybe for the victors to attain glory.
My life is a joke…
and y’all keep reading jus past the comic.
Well they say self perception is self fulfilling prophecy…
Well if it were actually true
I fear the product of my thoughts would result to an ugly figure.
I’m probably the poorest man walking…
Coz the greatest form of poverty is knowing you are not loved…
I’m actually not who you think I am,
But trust me I’m also dying to be who you want me to be…
Opening up like this is a moment far for my proudest…
But then keeping it to myself is torture …
Torture that I can bear not …
I feel ripped apart …
Anxiety has ravaged the best part of me…
Inside me are voices… Noises… Cries…Voices and understood
Noises I cannot tell
And a sharp cry… Cries for help
It started in the shallows but now its in the deep end…
But non is able to decipher what I’m going through
Happiness to me is past tense…
Sadly enough I cannot tell …
But then If I open up maybe you wouldn’t think highly of me,
And since life is a choice then jus allow me to die
coz actually I’m not very lucky when it comes to choosing.
I know it’s a petty,
But for how long will you petty me, Go on live your life,
Jus let me die a death I did not choose.
Coz at the end of it all y’all are the cause of it all,
I regret the moment I tried impressing y’all,
But regrets are for a weak man.
Telling you this I wished not,
But then came the last stroke that broke the camels back,
Well I tried doing my best but it all jus was the begging of this all,
Well for once Mettlesome fits me not…
You are allowed to call me coward…
For once my audience I see you all as stupendous.
Grammar sure was the best part of me but today I bid It goodbye.
I rest down my pen, the pen which hacked all your brains to drive sense,
The pen which amazed y’all with bombastic terms and hilarious acts,
I sure will miss all the hullabaloo.
This seems like the End…
We will meet in that world…
The world where depression  is an undignified word…
This sure are the last words…
But I beg to please be remembered as the Depressed writer.

Here is Yvenn’s Art

9 thoughts on “The Depressed Writer (Swinnertone)

  1. Swinnertone has been and will always be my favorite writer. I love how he expresses life and situations using words and it does make sense😊😊💫. Keep up boo,,,yoh gat dis😇. Congratulations on your winning cause you did. 🌻🌻

    Liked by 1 person

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