The Cursed Village (Sam Sly)

In a small grass-thatched house deep inside the forbidden forest neighboring the ‘cursed’ village of Senaki lived three brothers who had supernatural powers. They were chased away from the community after foreseeing a coming disaster. The villagers never gave them a chance to explain what the gods had for them.

The doings of the villagers never pleased the gods. All the sacred places were turned messy by the village goons. Peace in the village became a tale to tell. Murder, prostitution, greed for power prevailed. Everyone wanted to be superior. The gods were angered and decided to keep an eye.

The three Brothers: Reti, Krop, and Reb fled to the forest to save themselves from the fierce villagers. In their grass-thatched house, they kept on asking why the villagers had suddenly changed. The gods gave them supernatural powers to protect themselves.
One day, they put all their ideas together; on how they could bring normalcy to the village, but the gods wanted to punish the villagers first by sending a dark spirit to torment them. The brothers lamented with the gods to give the villagers time to change their habits.

Luckily, the gods agreed and told the three brothers to go to the village, talk to the people confidently without lowering their guts down. The brothers accepted the gods’ demands, but some villagers were adamant about change. Jini, a lady with a mellifluous voice, juicy lips, and a curvy booty, seductively walked towards the brothers. Her footsteps were shaking the ground. The brothers had to smell a rat and ganged up to unleash their powers because the lady was a demon in a lady’s disguise.

The Brothers’ powers were revealed right there and then. The brothers unleashed their magical powers to protect the people. Everyone had a tiara on their head along with, shiny magic stick on their hands. The lady stood right up and was ready for a magical war.

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