The C-19 Fever (Kelvine)

The Review:

The title C-19 FEVER stands for the full name Corona Virus 2019 fever. Viewing the pen art, I can describe that the person is coughing onto his hand. He stretches it to reach his hand to his mouth that he has a mask.

The hand seems to have stains of blood on it as the person in the art coughs. A sign that the person is ailing from an illness. The gender of the person in the art is not said. 

I’m going to assume that the person is a male. Because of the way he holds the mask towards his mouth as he coughs.

The pain is seen through the eyes when the person coughs. He is straining his eyes as he coughs. They are closed whenever he coughs.

This disease affects the lungs and makes the person infected has breathed difficulty. My assumption being the person in the art has got chest pains which makes him feel the pain.

The feelings expressed in this art are pain passed through during the pandemic. The infected person is stressed and in pain. The person worries that maybe he must have contracted the virus because the cough is not a normal one.

My thoughts are that the person has contracted the virus. According to the way the virus spreads; it shows that the person is in another stage of the virus.

The chest pain, the coughing, and the facial expressions say it all. The art is a remembrance of the time the virus has affected the whole world.

Staring at the art makes a person remember those days that governments quarantined their people for their safety.

The pen art is made by Kelvin for the Madva contests that happen exclusively on the Madva website. View more arts like this one at our website.

This is Kelvine’s art. Check here for other Notable’s art Dennis’s Art, Felix’s Art

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