The Blind (Velly)

Technically, a blind person is one that cannot see, but I would know what to call a person who intentionally makes themselves blind, the one who has by all means refused to see.  Take the society for instance, the majority are those that see the truth but constantly live in denial, if you are human enough, you would understand that not everyone is in a bed of roses and hence it is your responsibility to take care of the less fortunate, but like I said, only if you are human enough. 

It is very disheartening to still find street family in the very heart of the cities despite all the measures the government is supposedly taking to control the situation. These people live only by faith, they hope that somehow if today is not good, tomorrow will be and if not, the day after will be okay. The truth is that they have no one, and I know it’s not direct but they depend on us. It can’t be that hard, chipping in to provide a single meal in a day, we all eat to live. If you provide and someone else does the same and another and so forth at the end of the day you have made a difference in that person’s day and life in general. These people deserve to live just as much as any of us. Do not impair yourself with blindness before you are actually blind. You become happy by creating happiness elsewhere as suggested by the law of attraction.

Here is Bard Mwendwa’s Poem

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