The Bitter Sweet (Lauren)

Our country Kenya has been ranked one of the countries on Africa with the highest numbers of mobile users. Youths cover  big percentage and for some reasons has a positive impact. Most of our youth arrive working online this a positive thing. However social media has major negative impacts, many of them talked about but there’s this one I majorly want to talk about, depression. 

Ever posted a picture on social media and got a bad comment regarding the post. Well if you’ve never then there’s someone who has and most of them get offended. It gets to a point that others develop self esteem issues. We wake up each day getting news of people committing suicide, why? Leave alone that, just the other day a medicine student at Moi university was murdered and various news and rumors about her were spreading all over. The so called “meme lords” always ready to make fun of it. Well to me it’s not funny. Before posting anything think of the close friends and relatives of the affected person. It affects them negatively, it tortures them. As much as social media is supposed to entertain and update let us use it wisely. 

Here is Lucid’s Article

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