The Article Role Model (Velly)

Did you know the word ‘role model’ is credited to sociologist Robert Merton who coined the phrase during his career? The society has set so many rules and standards regarding being a role model. For instance, if I’m to be a fit for the name, I have to be rich or wealthy, I have to have an exceptional education background, I have to be successful and so forth; but if you ask me, I think the society is overrated. 

Contrary to the societal belief, I have a different perspective all together. I think a role model is that brave teenager who got pregnant in school and decided to keep the child instead of opting for an abortion. A role model is that single parent, who is not rich but is trying hard to make ends meet and is willing to do whatever possible to see the children grow. A role model is that kid in the family that works hard to take the entire family responsibility at hand without question or complaints.

Personally, I’m inspired by my parents. All the sacrifices they make, the sleepless nights of any kind of pressure that they had to make to see me the person I am. It scares me though that I might not be as strong as they are in the coming future but I’m proud of the person I’ve become and if asked whether or not I’m a role model then yeah, I would give a straight answer. 
Having a good education background is good and all, and yeah, having those also make you a role model but it doesn’t have to be the only qualification. 

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