The Article Role Model (Finnared)

A role model is a person whose is looked up to mostly by the smaller groups because of their success, behavior and examples they set in the society either in the past, present or the future. They might be people who one interacts with on a daily basis or a person one has never met, like a celebrity or any public figure. They are essential in the community as they set the standards for an individual or a community as a whole. In the past people used to celebrate their heroes usually referred to as legends and they would usually try to emulate them by imitating their traits and also try hard to achieve what they had accomplished. However, role models keep on changing due to change in desires and taste as one grows up. Having a good role model is important as they influence what we do and how we eventually turn out to be. They are important for self-empowerment as everyone has to set standards they have to achieve or compare ourselves with. They set standards which we have to achieve if you want to have a little taste of success in any aspect of life. It is important to have the right drive and inspiration to discover who we are and we are best in.

Big names like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo have inspired youngsters in football to play with a lot of zeal as they try to copy their idols hence helping them realize their talent. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are influential in the field of technology as they have inspired many innovators to try out and come up with something that helps the community and this has brought an increase in the number of programmers and inventors. As a good role model one should portray traits that will make you be desired and emulated by people. One should show respect to others by not talking ill of others behind their back due to their positions in the community. Most people that are idolized are always noted when they take people for granted or not showing gratitude or using others to their advantage and this makes people loss interest in them. One should possess great communication skills as their stories always inspire people to work. The stories of how they strived to achieve what they have not their downfall and their success in the road to what they achieved at the end.

A good role model needs to be unique and should be afraid of failing and this motivates young people not to lose hope when they fail in whatever they do. Choosing a good role model is also a difficult work as they should be properly be assessed so as not to mislead us. When choosing a role model one should choose to how they are thriving well in their area of expertise and are on top of their game; those who have strong morals and portray their best character. However they might have their various mistake, they should still stand out despite their weakness. This encourages us to see how it is easy to overcome our failures and turn them into our success, and not letting our failures define us. We need to have more than one role model in various life aspect so that we can pick the strength of one role model in one aspect of life and another in a different situation.

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