The Apokor Giant (Newton)

Monday morning, the beautiful sun rays shined on the faces of the Apokor people. The monsoon winds blew from southwest to northeast of Apokor village. The flowers were green, a sign of a good morning. 


Akwata was one of the known giants who made the lives of the Apokor people very difficult. He was known as a man who changed beautiful mornings to disastrous sad days. Atieno, a fine girl in Kaliwa village, sat on her bed close to a window. She gazed through the window, enjoying the evening breeze. The sky was blue.


As Atieno was ready to sleep, she felt footsteps approaching her small room. Fear overwhelmed her; she fearfully rushed to the door. She held her scream. She never knew how because she had used to scream at anything that passed by, even a mosquito. She looked through a small space of the door and saw a huge man approaching her door. The man looked familiar; he was the well-known Akwata.


Tears shed down her beautiful cheeks. Akwata pushed the door. The door hit her. she fell to the floor, almost losing her consciousness. She screamed loud enough, but there was no one to help her. She tried to stand up, but Akwata was too strong for her. He ripped off her dress and started to strangle her. Suddenly, his nose felt a beautiful aroma. Atieno had prepared mabwoni and porridge for breakfast. The giant hurriedly loosened the grip to Atieno’s body and went straight for the food. Suddenly she woke up. It was time to go to school.

It was a dream, a bad dream indeed. 

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