Tell Me (Phinick)

Tell me, is it really a relationship, 
Or it is just a friendly match, 
A match that involves love and unity,
Or a match that involves fights and impunities. 

Tell me, in this world full of empty promises, 
Can I build a tik tak relationship, 
Or a relationship where leaders parade their issues, 
But not our issues and of which after that they stop talking to each other. 

Tell me, is it a generation where a relative helps a relative, 
Or a fake marriage certificate moves us from one country to another, 
Not even a real passport is required neither asked for, 
Or either  a balanced relationship between me and the whites.

Tell me, if today I die in Zambia, 
Will I be transported to Kenya in a polythene,
Or maybe periods have changed and I will be honored, 
Then let’s embrace peace love and unity. 

Here is Bard Mwendwa’s Poem, Niccur’s Poem

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