TATTERED (Bard Mwendwa)

Under the scorching sun,
A deranged savage to survival
Crawls outside his death pit
To toil and scrape off a little something,
With an ant’s labouring
he still ends on the bare minimum.

A prayer in the dawning sun
To sane his hopes once more.

Bitter to the pain of existence,
The daily routine of struggle,
His whole system is churning,
He won’t be able to access the medical facility,
The bills are too high,
The public doctors are in absence,
He is degrading but by the dawn of the hour
He’s on the road,toiling for his meal.

We are beings on a trail based on survival,
Insane ones battling to stay sane.

A high table is set,
He feeds off the scrapes,
The month is due end,
The landlord strolls around,padlock in hand,
His daughter needs to be in school,
She ofts for the streets
His son is in tatters,
He fends for himself,
His wife,on the verge of leaving.

Yet those high up of promises and power,
Relax in beach houses and posh rides,
Whilst he breaks down to the pressure of living itself.

We are savages of survival,
On back breaking tasks,
The pressure subduing us
Mental breakdown chewing our weakness,
The joy of existence itself is crushed by the stress of having.

Tattered,Battered,it’s a scattered society
Of brutal,hard times.

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6 thoughts on “TATTERED (Bard Mwendwa)

  1. It’s really a scattered tattard society, but those who trust in the Lord shall renew their strength and restore their stollen inheritance.


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