Taliban Theme (Nature Raul)

Mum said wood breaks to ashes
The world is a river chained with curses
From love with gushes
To nightstands with lust gains
Every culture broken
The archaic is now our token


Not just a dozen with frozen hearts
The loyalty test has sanitized
We blame none because in a free country
Who are we to mind
Sins are what we say wake up and grind
A day goes
But thanks, only Christ love is blind
Our wages indeed don’t deserve the plenty mercies we find


Taliban theme
Streets full of dirt,
I come with vim
The silence goes with the lights dim
Mist and fog to hide the film
A broken society has broken love,
A broken world, a broken universe


The bold was the guide only to live the bonds broken
The glow that made us watch the sky
As the sunrise,
As the sun Venus to its set
Just like the stars let the moon glow alone
That’s how my calm-sky changed to nimbus.

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