Tales of Cory Rona (Bard Mwendwa)

I couldn’t see her anymore
nor would I touch her,
face timing sounded a little bit risky,
I needed a break to some whiskey,
And if I ever felt the urge to kiss her
I’d be a foot apart to just wave at her,
Flying kisses were now illegal
Fantasies of her were now lethal,
Dinner dates were through pictures,
Seeing her was through the window,
My ride or die
A million miles apart
by two feet just distant.
The more I loved her,
The more Cory got jealous;

Furious in raging anger,
She starved out the world in hunger,
She grazed down the economy,
She dared wipe out the human race
All so that she can have me,
Cory was obsessed with me,
She instilled fear to any close to me,
Had them coughing their lungs out,
Cory Rona dearly wanted to have me
But I dearly loved her; Nature.

A pearl of true beauty,
the more Cory got close to me.
The more peaceful Nature became,
The world was on a standstill
Cory after me and my kind
while Nature grew again
reliving after the pollution
cleansing itself of all the world’s disgust,
A true Gem was now shining bright.

Cory Rona wanted me and my kind,
Distancing was all we needed,
The love of my life was living the dream
while I was seeing her only in my dream.
Cory Rona devoured one after the other
all to have me,
her obsession for me hurt families
drained the economy,
led us home
but left my love glowing,
growing under the sun,
My love was getting to her best…

Cory Rona hunts me to date,
but she’ll soon come to a halt.
I’ll be free to the love of my life,
my kind will be free to love,
free to live,
free to live,
free to blow kisses,
free to touch,
we’ll have a toast,
As the world will be ours once more.

Here is Phinick’s Poem, Lucky’s Poem

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