Take A Bow (Bard Mwendwa)


A moment of silence
in an exuberant stand still,
For hear me write of such greatness:

A man is whole if he gets himself a woman
“Behind every successful man is a woman”
might i add, a brilliant smart woman,
Peace lies in the arms of a woman,
Ain’t it where it all began?
In the arms of a woman, mother,
Crying and screaming, she holds you
and in her arms you find peace, silence.

Take a bow
Salute a woman.

In war and chaos,
men ran back to their women.
In pain and suffering,
they were tended to by their women.
When all hope seems lost,
We rise again through the faith of women.
For yet again,
It’s a man’s world but solely driven by women.

It’s a cold world,
But women make it warm for us all.
I take a bow and salute thy women,
In an exuberant stand still,
Honour thy woman.

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