T-Shirt Tortured Nation (Niccur)


Welcome, welcome to the tortured Republic of Kenya
A T-shirt sculpture of a country…
Smiles will be made in order to order things
Haha! so thanks,
Welcome to the T-shirt republic of Kenya
Where In the north
People say
_Tunaomba serikali ya kenya saidia sisi
The west say   
_Sisi iko sida_ _pi gi gik moko moko kae   en expensive malich
Where in the central We state
_adu anyumba kumira kumira_
So funnier how the coast-arians
Wonder at how the counties docks are being locked
Yet they have nothing to do
Youths up the harbor just dine and wine with the tycoons of poverty

So welcome to the world cup T-shirt republic of Kenya
where when you rush to be a good Samaritan
You are shot dead
With the same people that call themselves Service to all
_Utumishi kwa wote_
So sad to see how the boys up Blue 
Are playing an up close blue game with us the common mwananchi
Yet when the big fish run around.
With their flags erected so high
You might think they are developing the nation


So welcome to the tortured T-shirt representation of a country…
Where, when you have you don’t have,
Yet when they don’t have,
They must have by all means.
So tired that they take to influence us to say and sway to their away stay
Welcome to Kenya 
So called republic of China
Where a Kenyan gets slapped by a foreigner
Yet after some days Case so closed
Why should I choose a representative who will bother me?
Why should I choose a sculpture for.
A leader…

A first growing economy
Yet  youths languish In poverty
Perverts a collection of many professors
who are importing mitumba
yet a picture of farmers harvesting cotton on the back of our currency
Pro professors of theft,
So welcome to the tutted Kenya
which brags of very brand new things
however when need be for use
It’s only for show off during public holidays.

Welcome to Kenya 
Where we shout so much upon social media
Yet so silent when corruption smiles to our doors…
This T-shirt who will see it?
Who will Mend Mr Kenya,
Mama Africa please stop staring?
Mother nature wonders

Welcome to Kenya republic of China 
Where importation of the Corona virus is not a major fever
like it appears on  Asian side
as long as they inject funny money to the economy
I guess…

Here is Bard Mwendwa’s Poem, Phinick’s Poem


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