Symo History

Symo entered the Madva competitions on the last weeks of January 2019. He was able to compete against Derrick but unsuccessfully lost to him. Symo lost a chance to carry his brand to the main event of January(Fever).

During the end month of January, Symo competed against Donnel and Robert and managed to emerge the winner. He qualified for the Madva Fever event and had to meet Derrick again for the chance to showcase who is stronger.

After Symo making a record, many thought that he would have a come back and defeat Donnel on 1st February 2019; that is after Derrick gave his chance to another competitor. Donnel was able to defeat him and deny him a chance to fight Niccur for the Writers Title.

Derrick never competed in Madva Fever Event and therefore another competitor replaced him. On 10th February 2019 Derrick again met Symo to qualify for the Madva title match that was to happen on 1st March 2018. Derrick managed to beat Symo again for the chance and a date with a champion who would have pulled the title to Romantic month main event.

On 9th March 2019, Symo competed against Richard for a chance to compete for the Madva Writer’s Title. He was able to beat Richard and emarge the winner. He qualified to fight for the Madva’s title against the then title holder. Symo got a chance to compete for the Writer’s title on 6th April and he lost weakly to Niccur. Niccur defended his title majestically standing tall with votes less than five hundred.

On 27th April 2019, Donnel Derrick and Symo had the lowest run in Madva after having very less votes count down in the competition. The total votes counted went to eleven as the competitors searched and lost track of who was to vote them. This made their competition become one of the lowest ever voted competition in Madva. It was a competition with bottom a hundred articles ever. Dennis on 22nd June 2019 was able to compete against Simon and Bard. Bard gave him a tough competition as Simon trailed with a short precise article. Dennis managed to win his first competition as he booked a competition date against Sincere who held the Madva Commoners title. Kelvin competed in a Madva title qualification against Niccur and Symo on 27th July 2019. He managed to win. Niccur and Kelvin qualified for the Commoner’s title competition.

Gitau and Symo competed on 17th August 2019 for a Madva writers title and Symo managed to defeat him. Voters tried their best as the new rule kicked in, a vote per device. Symo competed against Sincere but Sincere’s article got a much more liking in the Madva community on 7th September 2019. On 26th October 2019 Swinnertone competed against Kelvin and Symo. He managed to win and represent his articles in the upcoming Madva competitions. On 23rd November 2019 during the Madva Grand Competition, Swinnertone successfully defended his writers title against Niccur and Symo.

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