Swinging Hips

Lahm Shau

They looked at me as they passed by my way. Their eyes looking at each other as they laughed and giggled at stories they told each other. They never minded me as I stood their looking at them. Their beauty is what made me look around and feel good for what God had created.

“Hello girls?” I spoke out, they stood their looking at me.  They did not reply instantly. They just stood their looking at me and smiling to themselves, “C-mon girls, I just wanted to greet you!” I said smiling,”Hmm,” one of the girls said, “You naughty creature that God created,” she said, “yes, these boys are  naughty. Naturally naughty. Just like my younger  brother who doesn’t like to help me with home chaos,” another girl said, “leave him alone we are wasting our valuable time with him,” the third girl spoke out. They walked away swinging their hips as they disappeared in to the valley beyond the village.

What they never know is how  cute it was for letting them speak to me. I went my way thanking God for such beautiful creatures.

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