Death called upon us
but only the deaf could hear.
Life faded right in front of us
but only the blind could see its will.

Sugar lemon pepper
life turned out sour,
Hands swam more than the fish,
Drunk more than we could ever.
Fever no longer became a mere disease, 
It was now a direct key to rest in peace,
Those Coughs and that migraine too.
Sugar lemon pepper,
I think we’d add some ginger.

For the sugar that we once enjoyed 
Became the pepper we couldn’t stand, 
and when the wound started showing
They had salted lemon pressed on,
life wasn’t as it was human life started deviating from its course.
Sugar lemon pepper,
life wasn’t getting better. 

For if at all death summons me
and i get to hear it’s whispers, 
Serve me a cup full of;
Sugar lemon pepper,
with some tequila 
Then maybe I’ll feel sour bitter
but rest much better.

Here is Lucky’s Poem, Sam Sly’s Article, HOME

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