Stupid Love (Newton)

It hurts to watch a broken soul walk with a fake smile on her face, knowing that you put her in that status. The pain, the cry, the sorrow, the grief of an innocent soul, brought all in the name of love. I hate you comes after a thousand days of happiness, fake love, a fake relationship, and fake promises full of pretense. Real love is something you can feel, you can see, and you can share. Despite what young people claiming to be in love are experiencing. The torture, the stress, and the depression you put yourself in, just in the name of love, is never worth it. Not-unless you decide to be fooled; you will always understand that people do not love you. They only love what you can offer them.

If you don’t want to stay in a relationship, you have to speak out to your partner rather than comfort them with a fake smile and sweet lies. Love sometimes loses meaning when it does not bring out the feeling it is supposed to. Two who are in love will say the word I love you, but the only difference is that one is faking. The love you give to your partner might be fake, but the pain you cause to them is real.

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5 thoughts on “Stupid Love (Newton)

    1. what someone needs to realize is that no matter what, true love always showcases at the end. though kuhurt lazima


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