Solo Around The World Sailing (Nature Raul)


In the other world
In the other world me and I
In the world we and why
A world full of love in words
But tough in works
A world where the climate is harsh due to the tongue neglecting its shut
A world that dove isn’t a sign of peace anymore

A world full of confidence in ego
last option you the afterthought to rekindle it’s lost
Dark mode ample code leading to less of tinkle
A world where thinking is first but thoughts are damn
A world where a dream is a dream where luck is a scam

In the other world
Where you turn out to be a monk in dreads
A world full of hope embraced
A world full of fate to face
A world full of a cemetery with unfinished dreams
Because the rare pray for life

A world that teasing is applauding

This is Nature Raul’s Poem. Click on the provided names below to view other Notable’s content.
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Nature Raul joined Madva on July 2021. He won the Madva writers title on his first contest. He has written two short stories at Madva. All the stories have received a positive review from the Madva readers. See more of his work exclusively at the Madva website.

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