Solidarity Over Terror (Sammy)

This word (TERROR) brings images to people’s minds that will haunt them forever. There has been some sort of terrorism throughout our beloved country but most of it is domestic terrorism and not destructive terrorism that is brought from outside forces. In the past few days, as a nation, we got hit by terrorists and we lost some of our brothers and sisters souls! It has been a sad and hard time for most of us . After all we stood strong and united together as one! Brotherhood gotta be our thing!


Right now! All we need to keep holding on to, is love for each other and being each others keeper! Unity will keep us locked together as one! It’ll be a strange phenomenon how this love for one another will make each one of us so happy! All of us should know that your best teacher is the last mistake you made! We do not have to repeat the mistake (not treating each other with brotherhood) being a God fearing nation will take us far because there’s no boundaries to God’s love and protection. We all need to be united and keep peace in our minds.


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