Solidarity Over Terror (Niccur)

There has been different overview on religious matters causing religion animosity where some believe that terrorism is linked to the Islam. That’s a zero non proven fact as my bloody Muslim brother (Feisal) once told me. During most terrorist acts the Muslim society always are on the forefront of donating blood in the blood-banks. We should appreciate them for their hospitality and patriotism. Our motherland Kenya has been a victim of this attacks though the last one our security forces over came it. It was a massive human savage act that happened to those who tried to harm the citizens of Kenya as they got a massive blow which was unexpected.

We as our country’s portrait should stand out and be strong because terrorism can’t overweight our solidarity as a nation. The over ambitiousness of the terrorist wishes should be made to backslide as we are one people, one nation, one tribe, one religion and empowered with a spirit of being industrious, hardworking, independent, corrupt-free and no blackmail to our flag as our fathers shed tears for our independence. More should unite to face vices as terrorism can’t overpower the solidarity of a whole powerful nation.

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