Society (Nature Raul)

Opportunities have wings,
If they are untaken, they fly away,
Bad traits spread in society,
Turning to the ancient Nasila,
Society is damaged mental health,
Tragic ironies all over education sectors,
Reverse sections to the extent of a student punishing his teacher,
Is the road spared,
But I believe it isn’t the only compliment to spoiling the child,


I owe society a degree
because of the intense pressure it kept in insist
Keeping mind, it is delaying my dream
I can’t forgive my infidelity when I step foot on my destiny
All because of society!

The extraordinary solidarity in the society is no more
No man is an island,
but you have to struggle it alone
The course is rough, but rejuvenation be the theme


Society is so radical!
Full of a heist like carnivores
Ditching it would be wise
And fly for benchmarking
Because we are deep in the diaspora
Society moves are growing infantile

Better if the society we fire than fit in illicit
because no one is tired to humanize to, please
Society is rough it’s in its torn skin
No luck it’s you cope or shrink
The society invokes
Bare not but it talks the truth that chokes


It takes a solstice to create a bond with society
Still takes a soul line to code with the pods
But a little sunburn to overlap and destroy
DNA reads 99%percent racisms
Wondering if creation wasn’t in God’s likeness and image
Till when will we bind in society shit.

Overhauling of the heart wasn’t the feeling when it all started
Flame nation, quenching of culture only to end a burden
Why take an R. Nile path of no straight
the attire on is a sweet venom
All on the discrete society

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