Sincere History

On 20th the new comers Sincere and Kelvin competed against Clartz. Sincere was able to beat them and qualify for a chance to win the Commoners title. Sincere had to meet Lauren and one more competitor for the Commoners title, a title meant for both artists and writers.

Sincere on 11th May competed against Barongo. The competition was supposed to be for three competitors but it ended to be a one on one competition. Lauren was not able to compete because of personal issues. Sincere managed to grab her first Madva’s Commoner’s title by defeating Barongo in a large margin. This shaped her as a worthy competitor in Madva competitions. Sincere Competed on 8th June 2019 to defend her title against Derrick and Kelvin. Though the competition was head on she managed to defend her title for the first time ever in Madva. Kelvin continued to show his potential in creating creative content.

On 13th July 2019, Sincere competed against Bard and Dennis for the commoners title. The writers and artists title that was on the line had a stiff competition where Bard Mwendwa emerged the winner in the competition. He went on to represent the title in the coming competition. Symo competed against Sincere but Sincere’s article got a much more liking in the Madva community on 7th September 2019. Brayo met Sincere for the Elimination bracket competition in Madva on 14th September 2019. He was defeated and his journey to being Madva’s best came to a stand still as Sincere went to the next bracket. On 21st September 2019 Sincere competed in Madva Elimination 2019 Semi Finals and she lost to Kelvin in terms of votes. Her article though got a love from many readers who love reading her content.

On 16th November 2019,, Sincere made a come back as she competed against Dennel and Derrick. Her articles, that her readers say, “are moving, motivating and capturing,” made her gain votes as she won to compete against Yvenne for the Madva title. Donnel and Derrick had to get another chance to compete in upcoming competitions. The Madva title was released on 23rd November 2019. Yvenne, the Elimination competition champion and Sincere competed against each other for the title. Sincere managed to win the title and become the Madva Title first title champion.

Swinnertone got a chance to compete for the Madva title against Sincere on 1st February 2020, the then current title holder and Phinick a new comer to the Madva competitions. Swinnertone was able to secure a title reign by receiving a lot of votes from readers who loved his poem.

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