Sincere Article

To be quite honest, I have really struggled with this piece. I really did not know what to write. I did not know whether I should write about boys or girls or whether I would make a better man. I did not know whether to talk about hair or nails and all those little things that make girls go crazy. I did not know whether I should write about that time I fell in love with books for the first time or even just little simple pleasures such as doing your make up or playing some FIFA. I never really thought that I would reach a point in my life where I would question the things I want to write about because normally writing came so easy for me but today it didn’t. It’s not because of any particular reason whatsoever but just because maybe all these things have already been written before or maybe it’s because of this unnecessary pressure I may put on myself to be perfect or to write about the most cumbersome or the simplest of things and make them beautiful. So, as I write this piece today I don’t have any topic in particular I’m just trying to say that maybe it is ok to have nothing to say in that relationship or to have nothing to say in that class or to have nothing to write about in that project and it’s okay to be able to give ourselves ample time to go through these things and maybe sometimes it’s okay to just be really really silent on things that matter.

Above all, I have learnt to be kind with myself during moments like these when I may not be able to perfectly put my thoughts in order or to be able to write what I want to write about. I have learnt that it is okay to have that point in your life where everything is not working out and you have this big block when you don’t need it or when you needed it the least, and maybe this is what I really want to say in the long run. That I hope you remember to be patient with yourself on those really bad days, on the days you do really bad in that test and the days you disappoint the people you love the most. I hope you remember to be kind with yourself because when everything fades, you’ll have you to turn to.

Here is Yvenne’s article

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