Simon Gitau History

Simon Gitau joined Madva Academy competitions on 28th May 2019. He competed against Biggy Wizzy in a qualifying competition where he emerged the winner. This made him to join Madva’s elite competitors. Gitau had his first competition against the former Madva title holder Niccur on 15th June 2019. Niccur defeated him as he made a come back for the title he had lost to Clien Favour. Gitau and Niccur qualifies for the title competition because the third competitor who was supposed to bring a creative battle (Lauren) decided to withdraw from the competitions.

On 29th June 2019 Gitau, Finnared and Velly competed for a chance to compete for the Writer’s title. Gitau won and Finnared was given a chance due to her stiff competition that she gave Gitau. To Velly, it was her first article and therefore had more chances to be displayed in the future for the Madva titles for the Notables. On 6th June 2019, Clien Favour defended his title successfully against Niccur; the former Writer’s title holder, Gitau and Finnared.

Gitau and Symo competed on 17th August 2019 for a Madva writers title and Symo managed to defeat him. Voters tried their best as the new rule kicked in, a vote per device. 7th September 2019 Gitau competed against Clien Favour at the Madva Elimination competitions. Gitau defeated Clien Favour and managed to move on to the next bracket. On 14th September 2019, Kelvin met Gitau for the Elimination quarters. He was able to defeat Gitau a fellow artists and represent himself at the semis.

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