Shall We? (Bard Mwendwa)

Shall we write on love?
How it’s slowly fading into a myth,
Breaking hearts n condemning souls.

How about the skeletons in your closets
Wanna write or talk about that?


The body-shaming and friend’s gossip,
How it’s all about convenience;
One wrong move ‘n they’re out.

No, let’s write on pain,
It pretty much governs our generation,
Living in the shadows,
comfortable to your demons only at night.


Are we there yet?
Perhaps we should do one on sex,
The beauty of this sin.
The dark fantasies ‘n desires.
or just a novel on religion,
huh! maybe that’ll be an eye-opener?

How about one on the economic crisis
over coffee or when we drunk?


What about parenting,
Want to read about that yet?
Perhaps on the pressures of life,
peers, or those from within?
On the powers that govern us maybe?
Your dreams, your desires?
How we came into existence,
what’s thereafter we gone,
what’s right ‘n what’s wrong?

Let’s get drunk, this will be a deep one.
Shall we now write or do you prefer talking?

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