Seeking Solace (Lucky)

I hold on to my glass of liquor
My gun in this solemn war of life
Where nothing is rightfully yours until you fight
I am oblivious of when my enemy will strike
But my father sired a lion
I stalk my prey right before I Pounce
Me and the bottle have been buddies for a while now
The only friend with benefits I know
Like when my lips touch her neck she won’t kiss and tell
I know she keeps our secrets
Unlike many people I know who’re serpents,
Full of malevolence.
She cannot turn on me,
Unless we are playing spin the bottle and dancing our pains away
She got my back on both sides
That’s why I Indulge myself in drinking with such diligence
I prefer a glass empty,
That way my soul feels full
Every time I am willing to empty the contents of the glass
You would think at the bottom was someone or something to find
And having a drink or two tells me a lot about bananas,
I always have one on my smile

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