Second Chances (Derrick)

Second chances!I never said second chance. I out-rightly wrote chances. Want to know why? It’s because God is the only one who can give you the chances while human beings give you a chance. Hope you have noticed the difference. How many awful things have we done? How many times in our prayers have we said, ” Father please forgive us for we have fallen short of your glory,” but still go on falling short of his glory both intentionally and unintentionally. Basically, that’s the thing.

How many times have we as human beings pretended to show love but deep down all we have is hate and disgust. How many times have we failed to keep our promises to God. How many times have we failed to help a brother, sister or even strangers who genuinely need our help. When night falls, Sunday or Saturday or be it a Friday, we go to our respective places of worship and ask God to cleanse us off our sins and forgive us. That’s why I’m talking about second chances. God is always there ready to forgive us and give us the many second chances. We should probably give others not  just second chances but many second chances just like our Father in heaven.

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