Sammy joined Madva on January 2019. He was able to compete against Derrick in a cut throat competition that ended on 13th January 2019. He emerged a winner and qualified to compete against Niccur for the Writers badge.

Niccur was able to defend his title against Sammy on 1st February 2019 by defaeting Sammy in a big margin. Sammy got another chance to prove that he was worth becoming a competitor in Madva.

On 17th February 2019 Niccur was able to compete against Sammy and Donnel for the Writers Title. Sammy lost hope at the middle of the competitions and quit. Donnel held Niccur up to the last minute where he lost to him. Niccur successfully defended his title and was able to carry it to the main event of that month; Romantic Main Event that was to happen on 1st March 2019. Sammy called it quit and was not able to say when he would be back for the Madva competitions.

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