Sam Sly’s Profile Bio

On 11th April 2020, Sam Sly was welcomed to Madva competitions and he managed to win his first Madva Writer’s Title against Franko the then title holder and Velly. On 25th April 2020, Bard Mwendwa competed for the Madva title against Lucky and Sam Sly. He managed to defeat them and defend his title. On 9th May 2020, Sam Sly Successfully defended his Writers title against Franko and Velly.


On 13th June 2020, Sam Sly competed against Velly and Graciee for the Madva Writers title. He managed to defeat them and hold the title. On 27th June 2020, Bard Mwendwa lost his Madva title to Sam sly in a competition where Richard, Sam Sly and Bard performed. On 11th July 2020, Sam Sly competed against Franko and Gracie. He successfully defended his Madva Writers Title.

On 25th July 2020, Sam Sly successfully defended his Madva title by getting more votes against Lucky and Felix. On 8th August 2020, Sam Sly won his writer’s title by a one-vote margin against Franko and Velly. On 29th August 2020, Sam Sly was unable to defend his title against Lucky & Berry Brenda. Lucky managed to win the title. On 5th September 2020 Lucky had a contest again Sam Sly. He managed to defeat Sam Sly for the next phase in the Madva Elimination 2020. 0n 10th October 2020 Sam Sly won an article contest at Madva against Richy. Lost the Madva Writers title on 21st November 2020 against Velly and Franko. Won back the Madva title against Gracie and Richy on 23rd January 2021.


Felix won his first Madva title against Bard Mwendwa and Sam Sly. On 20th February 2021, Sam Sly defended Gracie and Richy for the Madva Writers title. On 20th March 2021, on Newton’s second attempt on Madva titles, he managed to defeat Sam Sly and Gracie for the Madva Writers title. On 17th April 2021, Newtone won the Madva Writers title against Richy and Sam Sly. 15th May, Sam Sly won back the Madva writers title against Newton and Richy. On 29th May 2021, Newton won the Madva title against Sam Sly and Dan Arts. On 12th June 2021, Sam Sly lost his title to the new writer Samysam against Doro.


On 7th August 2021, Sam sly competed against Doro and Newton. He managed to win the Madva Writers title. On 4th September 2021, Sam sly defeated Richy to move on to the next Bracket in the Madva Elimination Contest 2021. On 11th September 2021 Sam Sly defeated Berry Brenda to move on to the next Bracket of the Elimination contest 2021. On 18th September 2021, Manuh managed to move to the next bracket against Sam Sly in the Madva Elimination contest 2021.

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