Ruins in Myth (Samysam)


My mind destroyed,
The chest is heavy too,
My breath smells like poop,
Arching my head with long sighs,
Eyes dry and itchy without tears,
Blind and Bland vision,
Nerves tensed up,
Yes, a thorn in my heart pains frosty,
As the mind hears heart’s cries,
To hammer the thorn in my heart,
As the thorn pricked deep,
The wound in my heart wrinkles in pain.

I went out to the hazelwood,
Because a burning fire was in my heart,
And hooked a berry to a thread,
Though I was old with wandering,
For this pain has blossomed over my whole body,
My mind is offset and owned with thoughts,
As if the world is against me,
War is in my heart, for this wound still pain.

There is no need for sadness,
After all, it is life between a postage stamp of death,
All the days of the past are stacked high,
Like the impossible towers of dishes build on stage,
No wonder I found myself,
Perched on the top of a tall hammer,
For this archy pain has destroyed my life.

I am not breathing anymore,
For my breath is held up,
My heart can’t walk for treatment too,
And everybody’s wishing,
Every life is a lightning bolt,
Every thought of my heart in ruins,
Every life too short for my heart
Any storm is beneath the Storm in my heart

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