Roses & Beauty (Yvenne)


The Review:

This art is of a woman looking up wearing a chaplet on her head. She has got a cracked chin and scratches her chest. Her forehead has got cracked.

Her braided hair falls back to her head. She has got a floral gown own as she reveals her cracked neck.

The woman in the art is proud; she silently looks at the sky as she silently ignores her enemies and works on looking beautiful and proud.

I think that the woman is a queen. It is seen by how proud she is.

Her facial expressions, the cracks on her face and the neck, the chaplet she wears on her head, the floral dress she wears, and the look she makes to the sky explains it all.

Her facial expression intimidates her. She looks like a no-nonsense lady who gives clear commands towards her rule.

The crack on her face and neck shows how she receives fights from her enemies. No matter how they try to fight, she can withstand all the trouble they bring to her.

The chaplet she wears on her head gives her an image of royalty. She might be a queen, a ruling lady, or even a lady with a higher rank in a wealthy organization.

The dress she wears says it all; a definite queen. The dress is from ancient times.

The Pencil Art is created by Yvenne for Madva contests.

Here is Sincere’s Article


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