Romance (Niccur)

When I was kid growing up liking girls
I never thought they’d be rules to it all
The concept of meeting someone
Seemed as straight forward as day and night
Or going to the shop and buying milk and eggs
Although I was lactose intolerant
They didn’t have apps or lactose free milk
Back when I liked girls

Such beautiful naive days they were
Living on a planet with  billions of women
The odds of romance were high
My mother met my Dad in a shop
And my grandparents met playing cards
Even my brother met his now wife on a bus
Days before technology ruled our hearts
Back when I liked girls

Now courting is sending willy photos
And sexy stories in a text
Where height is an essential requirement
Or seducing you to ones Instagram account
Where swiping right means yes and left means no
Such bizarre rules of social engagement
Dates are like fast food convenient snacks
Is romance really dead?
It wasn’t…….
When I liked girls.

Here is Bard Mwendwa’s Poem, Richard’s Poem

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