Romance (Newton)


No, She ain’t a bitch,
She is a beautiful soul with a warm heart
such that it can melt a candle wax,
she was born in the hills
dotted with villages,
she got a flexible smile and a loving heart
with a beautiful face.

It is beautiful when things are normal
Between you and me,
When kissing is the morning greeting,
When being together have a greater meaning,
When we speak without worry,
When our minds have same agenda,

My life would be an empty page
Without you,
It would lose meaning if I lose the
One who kisses me every morning,
You are full of surprises
You give me unexpected hugs,
You introduce smile on my face
When anger ruins me.
If loving me was a person
Then you could be the Uhuru of Kenya
Or Joe Biden of America.

You make me remember my yesterday,
When I was just a small boy,
When I used to play,
And cry when someone ruins my life,
Your love remembers me of my little girlfriend,
Who used to bring me flowers
As a present on Valentine’s day.

When am with you,
Birds sings to mark your presence,
Smooth cold wind blow from
South western to north eastern,
Just to confirm your presence,
I realized a change in my heart beat,
Only to find that its rules had changed,
It was beating in a different rhythm,
Your name.


When I switch on my yellow bulb,
You stretch your hands to wrap me,
You are warm,
You sing a love song to me
With a beautiful dance style,
Then you push me slowly to bed,
And kiss me on my neck,
Do by any chance even have a choice?
I do the necessary and take
All responsibilities as a man,
I just love you!

Every day I sleep watching the moon
Through my window pane,
Hoping that you are still watching,
I just remember your flexible smile,
Sweet kisses, tight hugs, happy moments,
I shut my door behind me in my room,
Your presence is all over the room,
Cold air in the room became tangible!
Love ruins me but have no choice,
I just love you.

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