Role-Models (Sam Sly)

Role models should be a part of everybody’s life. Role models mostly influence us a positive way. Every successful person has a role model who is their secrecy to prosperity. Role models help us get through life’s ups and downs and teach us perseverance as we lead our ways to becoming successful. The people with whom we associate in conjunction with our surroundings affect us in many aspects of our life.

“When I grow up I would like to be…….” That’s every child’s dream and aspiration. To me, there is that one person who never gave up on me since I was a toddler, my mother. She is trustworthy, responsible, caring and on top of all, she is less loquacious. She has always been on the first lane to show me every correct path to lead.

Most times, when all is bleak, I would secretly approach her to show me the way out. This brings out her trustworthy and reliable character as whatever we talk always remained sealed between us. From this, the meaning of confidentiality stuck on my mind.
She has always ensured that the household is kept in order. She will always toil and moil trying to make both ends meet for the family well-being. She stands by her family no matter how severe the situation is. She always taught me the importance of being responsible to ensure to ensure that I will always be self-dependent. She possesses many qualities which I entirely admire very much. Though she may be not that perfect but I appreciate value her.
I truly appreciate her efforts of making me the person I am today. No one understands the pain of a child more than a mother does.

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