Role Model; You are Your Own Model (Clien Favour)

When I grow up,
When I finish college,
When I complete my project,
When I get that opportunity,
Am going to be like him/her
I want to have a role in life
And in career,
be a model of my life
Grow to be its best designer
See beyond the sky and edges of the world
Bring light where darkness has taken over
Choose only positive vibes,
throwing away the negative ones
Be a king with a crown 
Rule over the Wakanda,
or a larger kingdom than the Wakanda
I want to be that martin Luther king of this; our generation
Look beyond every thinking
Alcohol is made through a mere process, distillation
So obviously it can’t bring solutions
People taking my pieces seriously, Makes my heart light,
and charming them using my phrases and short lines as metaphors
That makes me see that blessing in me
Makes me feel happy
And if am asked how I feel
I say, “am proud of who I have become for others too”(Role Model)
You should not look at somebody else for you to be that somebody
It starts with you,
your feelings, goals, ambitions and visions
The speakers we see and hear, just give us the way/directions
Your real role model is inside you
Be your own role model
I am Favour

Here is Niccur’s Article, Gitau’s Article, Finnared’s Article

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