Role Model; Reality (Gitau)

Reality is overrated and in turn we seek refuge in imaginations, myths, promises and beliefs . We believe things that we haven’t even seen. We believe in people we don’t even know and we call them role models. I once had a role model, I feel shame to say this. He was a fiction . He flew, saved lives and could lift heavy stuff.
He is called Superman. I then begun looking up to different people, the likes of Obama, the late Bob Collymore, Wabosha,  Governor Macharia, the late honorable Kenyatta, Daniel Ndambuki and Jack Ma.

What I didn’t realize is that role models change as we grow. Right now most of us look up to great leaders which is great but we need to look at their morals first.
Yes, they are great leaders, but are they great parents? Is he/she morally upright ? Can they be able to reject a bribe? A role model basically doesn’t have to be a politician or a leader. He/she can be a parent or even a teacher so long as the path she/he is creating for you to follow in, is clean . Role models never know people look up to them so not everything they do will be positive so do not take in every behavior they have.

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