Role Model (Niccur)

I once had a conversation with a renowned entrepreneur, founder of brainskenya and gave me a sense of facts on where the reality was faked. He drew some table facts to me, “People are looking towards a built empire and have devious desires to reach at that empire without putting in mind the pain, sweat and risks which were laid to make the empire and also its reign. Everyone is focusing on the won result without having strategic plans to get the results and hence end up failing on one way or the other. Young generation are having overambitious thinking which can’t be kept on the table and have proper planning hence rushing to the overwhelming streak on their minds; Rome was never ever built in a day and up to date its still on a stand-still, unlike Hiroshima which was built in a short life span and was destroyed in a random day.

A monkey is given an option to choose between bananas and money but the monkey goes for bananas without knowing that the money will buy more bananas; the same way people will choose jobs over businesses without knowing that profits are much better than salaries as profits can be lifetime savings where salaries can’t bid as they are constant unlike profits which may keep on a rise valuation. Furthermore businesses can be inherited by the next of kin whereas jobs can get a suitable replacement for the vacant seat. Being a role model to the society takes a lot in the heart; as every failure one is undergoing, the only person he can go to is him/herself. Some people always give little; but huge lessons always matters even your personal role model has a role model. The way we are always on an effort to do something we also are being role models to the few among the society and it always matters a lot putting creative minds together to work as they can’t believe on themselves unless with good supervision but non creative minds always work together without any laid out foundation to rise.”  


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