Role Model (Lucky)

People have names, big names or bad names
Depending on your luck or hard work, life awards you a nickname
Some are bad names, but some people have ‘Role Model’ as their nickname
Barrack Obama, Steve Jobs, Bill gates acquired big titles, after their rise to fame
They earned a reputation; they have a position is some big game
Some of my peers look up to them
Their words are like light that peers through a window and blaze a dark room
Yet I am unlike my peers; I don’t look up to role models because I don’t know what they look up to

We might have a common goal, yet what I withstand is unlike what their lives add up to.
We might be on the same page, yet the lines I read mean they cannot lead me
Soldiers fight with guns, yet poets write with pens
I agree to disagree; the names I know as role models are like no names
The people who give me muse are not the people you see on the evening news
I know Mufasa, the poet, I go by his scriptures, the way a congregation listens to Pastor Pious
I read Bikozulu, the way a tenant will read an eviction notice
I scan between the lines, so that if we will have to talk about it
The topic will be a road that I have trodden, a road with no dew

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