Role Model (Gracie)

Psychologists posit that our personality is the combination of qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. But what determines the character we aspire to reflect to the world? B.F. Skinner in his behaviorist theory argues that children learn through imitations and reinforcement. Therefore, children are will only copy or emulate those habits that are celebrated by the rest of the people and drop those which receive negative reinforcement. If we conclude as such, then it’s only logical for us to say that the character trait we exhibit at some point in life has to be copied from those individuals we admire.

This point leads me to the central argument of my article, the essence of role models in the construction of desirable or undesirable characters. Role models are those people who possess desirable traits that are attractive to other people. However, role models can either reinforce good habits or bad habits depending on what they stand for. Throughout history, various celebrity personalities; from famous musicians, movie stars, activists, religious leaders, and politicians have influenced how the youth of today act, talk, and conduct themselves. However, as much as these role models influence a positive change for the younger generation, there are a number of them who encourage bad behaviors such as, use of drugs, insults, or promiscuity.

In conclusion, role models in our society do play a key role in enforcing certain behavior and characters among the teens and youths. However, at the end of the day, our lives depend on the choices that we make. The ability to select only the desirable traits from recognized role models is an important life skill that should be undertaken with cautious intent. At the end of the day, we are the judge of our destinies and so we are in charge of deciding exactly how we want our life to play out, and which personalities we want to relate to.

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