Role Model; Bob Collymore Farewell (Finnared)

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Following the latest breaking news that we woke up to on that dull Monday, about the demise of the Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore, I could feel the grief, the special effect it had on everyone. Though I was never his greatest fan, the mood set by his demise was triggering in my mind. I was prompted to search and listen to some of his spectacular speeches this great man had; the thought that kept swirling constantly in my mind is, at what point in life did he get to have such a great influence on the world. Is it really in his prime age where he figures out his paths and follows it relentlessly to success? Or is it when he was at the prime of his success? Or at the verge of his last breadth marching on to eternal Peace?

What really made Bob the man he was? Listening, observing and internalizing the comments and reactions of the people who he led, the tribute speeches made to him by our leaders and the average citizens alike, I have learnt the greatest lesson from him at his point of demise than I have in his whole life time. Bob had reached the pinnacle of success in the business world as the world sees, he was simply an epitome of success in our eyes! But is it really the success, the huge bank accounts under his name, the beautiful extravagant life he had that made people celebrate his life the way they do? No, by reading or even listening to the tributes made to Bob, one realizes that it’s not about all that said in the latter, but the way Bob made people around him feel about life. Collymore was a man that made everybody feel like they are in the right place and at all times.

He did not despise anyone no matter how far you were from achieving. This attribute of humility and kindness gave him the favor we all feel he had in our hearts. We might forget the riches that followed him, the various success point he had but we will not forget his good heart. We will not forget that he has taught us that people will forget about everything about you but they will always have a memory lingering in their brains about how you made them feel. So keep watch of your actions towards others! Rest in peace Bob Collymore.

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