Rejected Heart (Doro)


“This is not what I meant to do. It is not what I had expected. The path I’m walking on is not mine. The pain I’m feeling is a burden on others. I am not the one who is supposed to be feeling all this.

My stomach is in pain. I found the news yesterday. When I was ready for my classes, the rumbling and the kicking were what I heard. I had to leave class and go to the doctor. What he told me was what made me be in shock.

The test I was doing I failed. That is, I never went back to complete it. The exam hall was empty when I had come from the dispensary. The grade I knew I was to get was worse than my mother’s beating and my father’s shouting.

I had gone to the library and there I found them. Laughing and giggling at me as I walked by. They murmured to themselves as they looked at me. I knew what they were looking at. The voices were silently demeaning me.

The looks I got from the teachers were harsh. What a cold world it is.

Now I’m sitting here alone in the dark. At the corner of our hostels. Ready to take the life out of me. Ready to kill me. I’m I the only one who feels rejected? I’m I the only fat student in school?”

This is Doro’s, Short Story. Click on the provided names below to view other Notable’s content.
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One thought on “Rejected Heart (Doro)

  1. This poem took me from being shocked and surprised to laughing out loud. I thoufht that the character was pregnant!


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