Rainbow (Bard Mwendwa)

I’m a soldier
Dammed by the wars,
Bruised and hurt all the more,
Rainbow in the sky
lend me your smile.

I’m a drunk soldier,
I find life in my whiskey,
I’m a sober one when drunk,
I stagger my way around havoc and chaos,
Of this chains i shall be free
if dear rainbow lends her smile to me,

I’m a soldier from war
In the midst of sorrow,
My nights are rather filled with nightmares,
long and horrific from the battle fields,
The blood spilled all over,
The dead crawling out,
It’s saddening,
I’m hidden in the shadows,
Dear rainbow in the blue sky
Allow me wear your bright smile.

Rainbow in the sky
I’m a soldier from war,
with nightmares chewing my living existence,
Dammed to wear a frown,
A glorious peaceful victory to the people,
Entirely broken in pieces to a soldier.

Rainbow in the blue sky,
Do lend me your bright smile,
Let me wear it and be whole once more.
So, Rainbow in the blue sky
Will you lend me your colored smile?

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