Quarantimes (MIC The Student)


I know that it’s lovely,
when I hold your hand,
ata tukiwa ground floor,
you still get high with me,
As the windows to your soul,
I hope that through your eyes,
you only see me.

I heard that you love to sing,
That your voice is similar to that of Simi,
Am starting to get a majozi vibe,
like John Cena,
honestly; tell me why you Can’t see me now,
I vendor fruits and vegetables but at the market,
there is no tastier; unlike the apple in your eye,


I’ve been falling sick lately till my doctor shared with me that I should have you daily by my side,
Keywords are the apple of my eye.
I heard that Fourth Street is your favorite wine,
I know it turns you on;
just sip on a couple of glasses, and you are high,
I hope you get a joint for that cause I am getting some connection,
I’m starting to have this feeling in my chest,
my paps called that affection,


Not only that but a couple more feelings,
The calm demeanor that you keep to observe,
learn and explore,
Yeah, you see that vibe,
that turns my world on,
I love that and so much more,
For that and so much more,
Allow me to leave this poetic note,
In the future,
I shall be extorting my audiences for payment, and since I don’t do coins, “just, Notes!”
So take my words creatively,
My love faithfully and take some notes,
The Invisible ink, with visible ideals


This is MIC The Student’s Poem. Click on the provided names and other contests below to view other Notable’s content
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