Purgatory (Velly)

In the 18th century, the church was very intense as compared to our time,and I say intense for lack of a better word. The catholics saw it a fact of divine revelation that the soul of every individual who died in the state of grace without having made enough expiation on earth for his forgiven iniquities, would undergo the punishment and purification of purgatory before entering Heaven.

The ancient teachings of catholic tradition on purgatory explained how painful and excruciating the suffering would be, probably greater than any pain known to man and how they are adapted to the past sins of each individual soul and how they can vary in duration from less than one minute to a period of several centuries and also how they manifest the infinite mercy of God no less than his justice. 

It is believed that for us who are still alive, it is our duty to pray for the souls that are in purgatory, since our prayers, alms and penance offer relief therefore somehow reducing the pain.However,with so much evolution in the changing times, all these seem more like old tales than factual and it would be almost impossible to have the actual facts at hand. 

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