Power of A Woman (Franko)

A woman is a powerful word that can change life either positively or negatively.

A woman is the pillar of a home. The presence of a woman builds the warmth of a home and she bonds with both the man and and the children. A woman can make her husband grow into successful and prosperous man. A woman can use her power to benefit the society. This is portrayed by women like Wangari Mathai, Mitchell Obama and my mother. There contributions to the society will forever be significant for centuries.

There are other women who gives a bad image of womanhood. This are women who give birth to a baby and throws it in rivers. This are mother’s who force their daughters to abort because they are not married. This are old women who use young men as means of sexual pleasure. This are young women who fall in love with rich guys and arise from love when the men are broke.

Remember behind every successful man there is a woman. But don’t also forget most men who fail there is also a woman behind them. Be careful with women you choose in your life for they have the power to either make or destroy you.

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